An Tony


Baby dedication for An Tony

I realize that a growing number of people in the body of Christ are leaving traditional churches for more intimate gatherings. I can understand that, but being part of a larger body is valuable. There are times on the farm when you need to head for a larger shop for some installations, repairs, and adjustments. That seems to be the role of our central churches. We try to maintain that desire for intimacy with both God and man, but it’s good to be part of a larger body overseen by a seasoned pastor.

At our Cham Chao Church, Sunday is a time of celebration, teaching and relationship.  We had the great joy of seeing An Som Adt, (His family name is An) the first orphan that FCOP raised who went into ministry, dedicate his son at a Sunday service in July. In his ten years in ministry he has gone from Youth Pastor, to Senior pastor, to Divisional Superintendent, to District Supervisor, to Assistant to the President. Some Adt was so impressed with the teaching that my oldest son, Tony (Anthony) brought to the Cambodian FCOP team during a trip last March, that he named his son, “An Tony.” It was a fun day!


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