Cambodia Flooding

Half of our Church Orphan Homes were flooded this year

If you are like me, your heart is so jaded, scarred and emotionally beat up from reacting to this year’s ravages of nature that the last thing we want to hear about is another “Disaster.” Except, this is “My Disaster.”

Strange how hardened we can become after being so mentally jerked around, and then when it happens to us, expect everyone else to respond with great sympathy.

So, if you are not moved to tears, I understand. It’s just that when you read about someone’s house burning down, it’s just another news story, but when yours burns down, it’s personal.

We’ve been flooded in Cambodia,  the worst since the year 2000 (which were the 100 year floods).  Much of our rice has been underwater, some has died, and the yield will be reduced. About 50% of our homes have been damaged; roofs, walkways, floors and  paint need repair. Seven homes had to be evacuated for a couple of weeks, four received major damage (structural stuff).

Yet, no lives were lost, and when you compare our pain with that of Japan, it almost makes me ashamed to ask for help. It’s just that I really have nowhere else to go. There is no disaster aid in Cambodia, no welfare, no family assistance, nothing except a bunch of officials with their hands outstretched for more of whatever they think they can get. So, is it worth it? You decide, but before you do, please read the following post (click here).


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