Changing a Nation one Life at a Time!


Proof of FCOP’s program effectiveness is in the results! (see sidebar story) Children who are orphaned, separated and/or abused need a safe place to stay. They need 24/7 care, not photo ops! Families are God’s first choice, but what happens when families break down?  Who fills that void? Is the answer to place these children in foster care with little oversight? That is a formula for disaster.  In the USA where foster care children have a recommended oversight of one caseworker for 17 children, the abuse rate is something like 60%. Cambodia has no infrastructure for oversight.

God commands the church to care for the orphan and the widow. We do it in “Family groups” of 15-30, run by a loving church.  If abandoned, orphaned, and abused children can be brought into a loving family based environment, given a Christian value system, and educated. They become productive members of society, rebuilding Cambodia. We need your help! The kids we raise are helping us change a nation, one life at a time.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.