Christian Dichotomy


Even Buddhist monks get saved and attend church

One of the great revival stories is from oral learners (people who never learned to read or write) on Tumnup Island. Dan Cho, of the Foursquare Foundation, traveled with me to the area on a whirlwind trip, and observed the “Procalimers” in action. The new models are as small as a large cell phone and put out enough volume for dozens of people to comfortably hear.

One woman came back to the Island with her son from another province after separating from her husband. Dan was there as Pastor El Sim prayed for him and cut the “Spirit string” off his neck and received Christ. He saw the girl who was raised from the dead by Pastor Long Kit, and the Buddhist temple that sends up to eight monks to church every Sunday. They’ve all embraced Christ as Savior, but are still Buddhist monks. I cannot explain that, we’ll just call it a Christian dichotomy.


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