Phlov Trea

Phlov Trea

The Phlov Trea Church Orphan Home is located in Cambodia’s Kompong Thom Province in the remote village of Phlov Trea.

During most of the year, motorized vehicles cannot reach the home, because mud makes them impassible. The roadways and paths that do exist were designed for ox carts, the preferred transportation (along with small boats) during the rainy season.The people of Phlov Treas are rice farmers. It is an impoverished community and the people can barely scrape out an existence on their farms. Little can be done to prevent or cure disease. Also, many fathers of children have died as soldiers. They went off to battle and never returned. Because of these things, there are many orphans struggling to survive in Phlov Treas.This Christian church has been in the village for over 6 years. It has been ministering to the community and spreading the Gospel. In November of 2001, the church began to care for orphans. Dozens of orphaned children now live in the Phlov Trea Church Orphan Home. They have become a family, loving and caring for one another.

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