Prey Krang

Prey Krang

The Prey Krang Church Orphan Home is located in Prey Veng Province , which borders on Vietnam in Southeast Cambodia.

Prey Veng is noted for poverty. It is an agricultural area but seems to be suffering from extremes. When it rains it floods and when it is dry there is drought. Many people have left the province to find work in Phnom Penh. A great percentage of the street beggars in Phnom Penh came from Prey Veng, driven by poverty. The home is located just a short distance from the Vietnam border and has just been blessed with a new road being built that runs in front of the facility.

The majority of the villagers in the Prey Krang village are very poor. They are very hard workers and often times do not get enough nourishment in their diets. Lack of nutrition, combined with poor living conditions are the grounds for deadly diseases. The primary factor contributing to the growing population of orphans is AIDS. Many of the children lost one or both parents to this disease. Childbirth complications and diseases like TB are also frequent causes of children being orphaned in this district.

A typical day begins as the children awake. Before eating breakfast, the orphans participate in devotions. The school age children either attend classes in the morning or in the late afternoon. After lunch, most of the orphans take naps, play, study, and take classes in the home. Later, they eat dinner, take care of the homes’ garden and plants, and attend an English class in the home. The Prey Krang family orphans finish each day gathering for church devotions, before setting up their mosquito nets and going to sleep.

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