Pum Ou Pram

Pum Ou Pram

The Pum Ou Pram Church Orphan Home is located in the Kompong Som province. Kompong Som is a coastal province with a thriving fishing industry and beautiful fruit orchards. Pum Ou Pram is located just outside of Sihanoukville, the provincial capitol. Sihanoukville is fast becoming one of the main exotic tourist vacation spots in Cambodia.

Pum Ou Pram was built 100 meters down the road from a Don Boscoe Training School. That way, enabling the older orphan boys to attend school free of boarding charge. The boys that attend DBS learn a number of work skills such as auto mechanics, computer, electrical appliance repair, welding, English language, as well as business operational skills.

Every morning at 5:30am the children and staff wake up and hold daily devotionals including worship, praise, studying the scriptures and then prayer. The children play a large part in evangelism of the surrounding villages and at their schools. In their free time the enjoy playing volleyball, tending to their garden, playing and learning English.

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