The Puok Church Orphan Home is located in the Siem Reap Province of Cambodia.Siem Reap is home of one of Cambodia’s most famous tourist attractions, Angkor Watt. Angkor Watt is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Most of the people in the Puok village try to make a living by making noodles. They sell the noodles to people in neighboring towns and villages. The majority of the villagers in the Puok village are very poor. They are very hard workers and often times do not get enough nourishment in their diets. Lack of nutrition, combined with poor living conditions are the grounds for deadly diseases. The primary factor contributing to the growing population of orphans is AIDS. Many of the children lost one or both parents to this disease.

Childbirth complications and diseases like TB are also frequent causes of children being orphaned in this district.

The children in the home start each day at 5 o’clock with a morning devotional. Afterwards, they eat breakfast together. Some of the children go to school in the morning, and others attend class in the afternoon. When they are at home during the day, they help clean the home, attend an English class, and relax. All the children are at the home at lunchtime between 11:00 and 1:30. During that time, they eat, play, and maybe take a nap. Before dinner, the older children play sports like volleyball. They finish the day with evening worship and devotions before going to sleep.

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