Sna Songkream

Sna Songkream

This home was established in June of 2007 in Northeastern Siem Reap just 30 kilometers away from the tourist influences around Banteay Srei, one of the outer temples of Angkor Wat.The Sna Sangkream Church Orphan Home is pastored by Soun Sein whose father was killed during the war and his mother later died shortly after. Pastor Soun Sein did not grow up in one of our orphan homes. However, he shares a unique kinship with these children and an ability to reach out not only to orphan population in this area, but everyone in the community. Two of Pastor Soun Sein’s younger sisters live in this home as well as his older brother who serves in the church as its director.

In 1979, the province was the scene of heavy fighting between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese army. Since the downfall of the Khmer Rouge, life in this Cambodian countryside has returned to normal.

Facets of rural life remain unchanged from hundreds of years ago. Roads leading to the church are very rough, some even just dirt tracks. Soon this will all change as more and more tourist flock to this area and development continues.

Most of the children that make this Church their home were orphaned due to diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Their morning routine consists of devotions and prayer time. Afterward they enjoy breakfast together before making their way to the local community school. Many of the children attend classes in the morning while others go in the afternoon. All the children participate in taking care of their home, garden and animals. Aside from their normal studies, there is also an English teacher in the home that tutors them in both English and Khmer languages. Children return home for lunch between 11:00 and 1:30pm. Before dinner, many will play soccer or other traditional games. They finish the day with evening worship and devotions before going to sleep.

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