Srayov Church


The Srayov Church Orphan Home is located in rural Kompong Thom Province.The home was built in the year 2001 and dedicated in February of 2002. It sits along the main highway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Kompong Thom Province is the largest province in Cambodia, in terms of area. It borders on the Great Lake, Tonle Sap, on the west and was one of the last provinces to be liberated from Khmer Rouge influence. The Christian faith has exploded in the province. In 1998 there were no Foursquare Churches in Kompong Thom; now there are more than 130.Most of the people in the area make their living off of farming or fishing. Rice production is an important part of the economy, along with harvesting fish from the great lake. Diseases like malaria, TB, and the generally poor health care are what typically cause premature parental death in Kompong Thom, and orphan so many children. With fighting just ending in the province in 1998, several children were orphaned due to war. In addition, AIDS deaths are the fastest growing contributor to the orphan population. There are six Foursquare Children of Promise Orphan Homes operating in Kompong Thom province that are supported by Warm Blankets.

A typical day begins as the children awake. Before eating breakfast, the orphans participate in devotions. The school age children either attend classes in the morning or in the late afternoon. After lunch, most of the orphans take naps, play, study, and take classes in the home. Later, they eat dinner, take care of the homes’ garden and plants, and attend an English class in the home. The Srayov family orphans finish each day gathering for church devotions, before setting up their mosquito nets and going to sleep.

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