Steung Somrong

Steung Somrong

Steung Somrong Church Orphan Home is located in the Koh Kong Province in the
Coastal region of the country.

The Koh Kong province is not typical of Cambodian terrain. Rice fields do not cover the land in the Koh Kong Province. The home is located just off the main road nestled among fruit tree plantations. Stretching in the near horizon are the surrounding hills and mountains. A few miles down the road is the coast, bordering the Bay of Thailand. Instead of rice, firewood and fruit sales are the main source of income.

The church home was built in 2005, five years after the pastor came to know Jesus. In the short time the church has been built, it has reached out to the community and neighborhood children as well. AIDS and malaria have taken the lives of most the childrens parents, leaving HIV

and malaria as prevalent concerns for health and disease among the children. Though the church home has some obstacles, the children love to sing and praise the Lord. They sing praise songs together acting out the motions. Just down the road is a second plot of land which the church owns. A plantation of fruit trees has been planted. In the next few years, when the trees produce, the sales from the fruit will serve as income to help the orphan home.

The children in the church home grow to learn physical skills as well as spiritual. The children begin their day with morning devotions followed by breakfast. The school aged children attend school while the younger children stay home and play. Upon returning home, the children help with house chores. After dinner, everyone gathers for evening devotions. Some children review their school lessons from school in the evening. The church home functions together as a family.

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