Ta Lam

Ta Lam

Ta Lam is a district located in the Province of Banteay Mean Chey.The Province of Banteay Mean Chey is a rural community in the heart of the major rice producing area of the country. Banteay Mean Chey Province was the scene of the last serious fighting between the Khmer Rouge and various Cambodian political parties in 1997. The topography of the area is that of a flat flood plain. Rice fields surround the Ta Lam Church Orphan Home on three sides. The home fronts the main road that services the community.

The major orphan producing factors for the home are land mines, war and disease. The area of Banteay Mean Chey just 15 kilometers to the Northwest was a major crossroad between Battambang, Siem Reap, and the route to Thailand. It was at the heart of the Khmer Rouge fighting before peace came in 1998. Both Khmer Rouge and Cambodian forces heavily mined the area during the past 27 years. Malaria, Dengue Fever, and other tropical diseases are common in the area with mosquito borne diseases the most prevalent.

A typical day begins as the children awake. Before eating breakfast, the orphans participate in devotions. The school age children either attend classes in the morning or in the late afternoon. After lunch, most of the orphans take naps, play, study, and take classes in the home. Later, they eat dinner, take care of the homes’ garden and plants, and attend an English class in the home. The Bakou family orphans finish each day gathering for church devotions, before setting up their mosquito nets and going to sleep.

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