The Tumnup Church Orphan Home is Located in the Kompong Leng District of Kompong Chhnang Province in Cambodia.

Construction of the home began at the end of 2006 and it was dedicated in July, 2007. The Tumnup Home is about 18km from the main road to the Thai border, boat getting there also includes a 10 minute ferry ride. Kompong Chhnang is the only major city in the province and has a population of about 45,000 which make up about 10 percent of the population. Within the province there is less than a 60% literacy rate and only 50% of the population has attended secondary school.

Almost 45% of the population is under 14 and 40% of the women over 40 are widows. Only 6% of the home have toilets which is just one of the reasons for the poor state of health care in the region. Most of the population is involved in subsistence rice production with livestock production consisting of a few chickens, a couple of pigs and possibly a cow or team of oxen.

The Tumnup Church Orphan Home is pastored by Phai Tola. Each morning the kids, accompanied by staff members, wake up at five O’clock and participate in morning devotions. After devotions they sit down to their usual meal of rice porridge and dried fish. Finished with eating, the younger kids gather their school supplies and walk to school. The older kids carry out their daily chores such as cleaning rooms, washing dishes, washing clothes, cooking food, and feeding the animals. When its time to relax the boys enjoy soccer and the girls jump rope. At noon the young kids come home and the older kids go to school.

In the evening, after dinner, all the kids gather for evening devotions and Bible study. This is a special time for reflecting and discussing the day. In addition, they often spend time singing songs and worshipping. Just before bed the kids review their lessons from school and at nine O’clock it’s time to sleep!

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