Bak Roteh


Bak Roteh

The Bak Roteh village is part of the major town in Pursat Province.The home is surrounded by wooden and grass dwellings. Next to the home is a field where a farmer is raising cattle, and water buffalo. A lot of the people in Bak Roteh and the surrounding area make a living by chiseling stone statues, carving wooden ones, and selling them.There are many children in the area that were made orphans by diseases like HIV and malaria and by battles. They just moved into their new home in the Bak Roteh Village. They used to live with the pastor in a small wooden, rented facility. They are happy to live in the beautiful, new home.

Every morning, the children rise and shine, beginning their day with a morning devotional. After the time of bible study, worship, and prayer, they eat breakfast. Some go to school in the morning, and others attend school after lunch. During each day, when the children are not in school, they might help with house chores, take a nap, or play with the other children.

The children enjoy playing soccer and traditional Cambodian games and learning traditional dances. All the children meet back in the home to eat dinner together. An English class is then held in the home. After studying English, the kids participate in their evening devotional

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