The Bakou Church Orphan Home is located in the Kandal province of Cambodia, about an hour’s drive from Phnom Penh, the nations capital. The home’s construction was completed on January 10, 2001.The flat land of the Bakou district is covered with rice fields in this farming community.  They grow rice today the same way they did hundreds of years ago.Most of the orphans here lost their parents to disease, such as AIDS, and lack of modern medical care.

A typical day begins as the children awake at dawn. Before eating breakfast, the orphans participate in devotions. The school age children either attend classes in the morning or in the late afternoon. After lunch, most of the orphans take naps, play and study.

After dinner, the children learn to take care of the home’s garden and they attend an English class in the home. The orphans at Bakou finish each day with devotions before setting up their mosquito nets and going to sleep.

The main caregivers in the orphan home are widows who, having experienced personal loss, understand the pain and sorrow of losing a family member. They nurture and care for the orphans as if they were their own children.

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