The Basedth Church and Orphan Home was built by Foursquare Children of Promise, Cambodia in 2000.The home is located on a rural lot next to a large pond. The pond provides irrigation water for a garden and a place of recreation for the children. One of the common problems in the province is the lack of groundwater for wells. The home’s water needs are met by the pond water, after it is run through a sand and ultra-violet purification system installed in 2001.Basedth is a district of Kompong Speu Province. Kompong Speu is not a very productive province agriculturally as it is prone to drought. Basedth is one of the most rural, and least populated districts in the province. Lumber used to be a major source of economic livelihood, but the area has been largely deforested over thepast 20 years. Most of the members of the Basedth church are farmers working on a subsistence level. AIDS, childbirth complications, malaria and poor health care facilities have led to a large population of orphan children. The area has been largely de-minedin the past five years.A typical day begins as the children awake. Before eating breakfast, the orphans participate in devotions. The school age children either attend classes in the morning or in the late afternoon. After lunch, most of the orphans take naps, play, study, and take classes in the home. Later, they eat dinner, take care of the homes’ garden and plants, and attend an English class in the home. The Basedth family orphans finish each day gathering for church devotions, before setting up their mosquito nets and going to sleep.

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