The Krava home is located in the Krava village and commune in Kompong Thom Province.The home is approximately 20 minutes by automobile from the nearest town and the Thmor Kol Market. Krava’s community is agrarian and is covered with rice farms. With a low population density, the area is quiet. Krava is known for being a good place to hide, thanks to thick jungle and its remote location. It is renown as a place where kidnappers and criminals go to hide hostages and/or themselves from the police.Many years ago, before the pastor/ director of the Krava church home was saved or even heard the gospel, he too was a thief. Now he is a changed man. Just as he has changed, the reputation of the Krava area is now changing. The police have a greater presence there, and the area is becoming more established.

The church home is not only rescuing orphans, it is impacting the community.The people in Krava were excited when it was constructed. The Krava Home was one of largest and most permanent buildings ever built in the area. The children and others involved at the church home are shining light to the community, spreading the gospel and energizing those who witness its joy.

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