The Mohapal Church Orphan Home is located in the north-central province of Preah Vihear.The area is bordered on the north by both Thailand and Laos and is an upland plateau and mountainous area. Though most of the people are involved in subsistence farming, there is little paddy rice production in the province. Due to the lack of development and poor state of agricultural production, Preah Vihear is one of the poorest provinces in the country. The total population of the province is near 120,000 people.

The capital city is also known as Preah Vihear and is the only city of significant size in the province. This region was one of the last areas to be liberated form Khmer Rouge Control and was heavily mined, especially in border areas.

Malaria is the number one killer in the province. Of the three strains of malaria that are common in Cambodia, the most deadly strain is found in this region. It is especially lethal to young children as a child can go from first symptoms to death in less than 48 hours. Malaria is the most common cause of orphaned children. Landmines, childbirth complications, along with poor healthcare, also contribute to the large orphan population in this area.

Every morning, the children begin their day with a morning devotional. After the time of bible study, worship, and prayer, they eat breakfast. Some go to school in the morning, and others attend school after lunch. When the children are not in school, they might help with house chores, take a nap, or play.

The children enjoy playing soccer, Cambodian games, and learning traditional dances. Everyday, the children study English at a class held in the home. After studying English, the kids participate in the evening devotional. They review their lessons before going to sleep.


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