Ou Kontrom

Ou Komtrom

Construction of the Ou Kon Trom Church Orphan Home began in June of 2005.The home is located in the Kampot Province in the Southern region of Cambodia.The home is about a two and a half hour drive from Phnom Penh, the nation’s capitol. Nestled in a plantation of mango and jackfruit trees, it is obvious that Ou Kon Trom is surrounded by fertile land. It is typical for the Cambodians of this area to make a living selling produce grown from their own fruit trees or by cultivating rice.Many of the children in the church home were found hanging around a Buddhist temple. After being abandoned by their parents, they looked to the monks to care for them. However, the children still had only each other to rely on for safety at night, because the monks could only provide food for them. It wasn’t long before the kids were often turned away because they could no longer feed them.The monks also rely on the community for support which is sometimes difficult due to the level of poverty in their local village. When Pastor Pav Nai found these children they were under nourished and scared. Now they are loved and cared for in the Orphan Home.

After dinner, all the kids gather for evening devotions and Bible study.This is a special time of reflection and discussion about the day. In addition, it is not unusual for all the kids to join in a few songs of worship. Just before bed, they review their lessons from school and put up their nets to protect them from mosquito.

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