Ou Rang Oue

Ou Rang Oue

Ou Rang Oue is located in the plain region of the Kompong Cham Province, bordering Vietnam.Kompong Cham is the largest province with most of its population struggling in poverty. Kidnapping and theft are common here. During the monsoon season, water levels rise to cover the province providing fertile lands to grow rice and other crops that flourish in these conditions. They must store food and goods throughout the dry season to survive until the rains come once again in May. The villagers in this area primarily make a living working in the rice fields.

The Ou Rang Oue was just dedicated in 2006. Most of the kids in the Ou Rang Oue home are orphans because their parents died of Malaria or HIV/AIDS. Many of children have lost parents due to these diseases.

Every morning, the children from the home begin their day with a morning devotional. After a time of Bible study, worship and prayer, they eat breakfast. Some go to school in the morning, and others attend school after lunch. When the children are not in school, they might help with house chores, take a nap, or play.The children enjoy playing soccer, Cambodian games, and learning traditional dances. In the evening, the children participate in devotions. They usually review their lessons before going to sleep.

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