Clean, Clear, Water!

 “I watched steams of sewage go up into a machine … it made its way through it…I took a long taste at the end result: a glass of delicious drinking water,” said Bill Gates. Our pond water may not be that extreme but it is loaded with bacteria and in the particular area our ponds are located there are no wells as the geology of the soil will not support a well. The soil is like a big block of cheese, water simply does not move through it. We have to catch and store rain water in reservoirs for drinking, even when filtered or boiled, it still has a “pond taste”. No more! Clean, pure water flows from the spigot in quantities that will supply a village. We now have three of these units operating, one for more than a year with no problems. A big “Thank You” to “The Booshway Boys” of Lafayette, Colorado, the Pfizer Company, and the James and Tina Jacobsen family who took their Christmas vacation to come to Cambodia and install filtration units.


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