Denying What Is…



What if you were not born into Christianity? Would your “faith” be based on your heritage? Would it be the simple acceptance of some doctrine just because it was drilled into you as a kid? Probably, and it’s going to take more than just persuasive speech to get you to change. I can understand that, but denying an observable reality is not faith, it’s dumb!

My problems were real, and so is the “faith” held by those in lands that have never heard of Christ. “Jesus loves me this I know ’cause the Bible tells me so.” That may work in the Bible Belt, but what about the Buddha Belt? “Buddha loves me this I know “cause the Tipitaka tells me so.” The Hindu Belt? “Vishna (and 33,000,000 other gods) love me this I know ’cause the Vedas tells me so.” And, if you”re in the Islamic belt? “Allah loves me this I know ’cause the Koran tells me so.” A Jew? “God Loves me this I know ’cause the Torah tells me so.”

Point? Just this; if you blindly accept a faith, just because you are born into it, you need to be lucky and be born into a Christian family. Regardless, if your faith is blind, you may have a lot in common with Alfred E. Neuman of “Mad Magazine”, Don’t think! Just believe! Hopefully, what you believe is based in reality. Faith, based on truth, will get you across the “finish line”. But, some people are actually afraid to look at reality.

I don’t deny the danger of what I’m facing, but I am forced to call on the greater reality of what I am promised, through faith, The reality of manifestation, His power to change circumstances. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” I can’t explain it, but it hasn’t failed.


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