Doctrines of Demons

There is verse in Matt 24:28 that causes great confusion: “For wherever the carcass is, there the vultures will gather together.” I think I just got some insight on that? The subject that Jesus is teaching on is, widespread belief in false doctrines. I’m not sure I’m correct on this, but this is what happened: El Sim died. It seems like every sect in Cambodia swept in to pick up what she’d left behind. A older son, we didn’t even know existed, took over her church and he is a “Cessationist.” They believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit passed away with the first Apostles. He believed that his mother El Sim was wrong, despite the thousands of people around him who had been healed and delivered. 
The church fragmented. Sou had to go up and “Clean out Dodge”! It was a Holy Ghost showdown. I know we sophisticated Christians don’t like to talk about demons, but Jesus spent about 20% of His time dealing with them. We’d rather turn on the lights through counseling and dispel the darkness. That may work, but casting them out is quicker! We didn’t have time for the inefficiency. The church is back in unity but, the son wants to hang on to his doctrine! Some devils are stubborn! We found out that we need grounded leaders.

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