Dr.Lina’s Story


Doctor Lina is one of the happiest persons you’d ever want to meet. As the staff physician with FCOP, he serves as our “C.E.O.”  that’s “Chief Entertainment Officer”. He’s always got an infectious smile on his face, and loves to lead children in games, but most of all he loves to fish. You would never know the horror all that joy has washed away.

Lina was a happy 6 years old in the Provincial Capitol of Khampong Thom, his father was a doctor and his mother a nurse. His mother had eight brothers and sisters and life was good.  That is until the Khmer Rouge burst into his home and shot his father in front of him. His mother was away from home but, because she was a nurse she was to be executed. She returned to the horrible sight and knew that she had only a short time to live. She gathered her extended family and put an uncle in charge of the group. She instructed them to cross the river and hide.

The Khmer Rouge knew that Dr. Lina’s mother was a nurse, so they were demanding for her to come out of hiding. If not, they vowed to kill her entire family (52 total people). She surrendered! Lina’s mother’s sister (his aunt), wanted to see what happened, so she re-crossd the river and watched from a distance. Because she wouldn’t give up where her family was, they brutally & repeatedly raped her and then cut her into pieces. The aunt was so enraged by what she saw, she told Lina, “When you get to be a man, find that Khmer Rouge and kill him!” She gave her life so that the family could live!

Lina was now an orphan and life was not easy for him. He rarely got to go to school, but during the 1990’s he began studying when he could. He vowed that he would become a doctor in order to honor his father and mother. He was working as a de-miner with CMAC when he noticed the beautiful daughter of a common laborer who was working on a new church/orphan home in the village of Toule Dam Na.  The laborer was a welder named, “Yohan”, building roof trusses. Yohan knew that the group of 18 pastors working out of the church home being constructed and the main contractor was stealing from the church, but could do nothing about it. At 8:00 pm on January 17, 2000 a woman pastor from FCOP headquarters showed up to confront the local corrupt pastors. As this woman began confronting a very loud argument broke out with cursing and all kinds of denials and accusations.

The people of Toule Dam Na had no electricity, no televisions and on this dark night decided to go see what all the shouting was about. About 400 villagers gathered around the fighting pastors. The woman from FCOP was so embarrassed she ordered all the pastors to go into the unfinished building. She commanded them to form a circle and “Confess their sins and repent!” As she pointed her finger at them there was aloud explosion, like someone had stepped on a landmine or thrown a grenade. They all instinctively hit the dirt.

As they looked up they were awestruck. There was a rainbow colored light, like a giant cone, coming down from heaven and it perfectly illuminated the circle of repenting pastors as they were lying facedown in the dirt. The light flowed like water for about 4 minutes. The repenting pastors stayed on the ground all night. The entire village had one thing to say, “Your God has big power!” The next morning the formerly crooked pastors, got up, confessed their sins and decided to rent a bus to come to FCOP headquarters and ask for forgiveness. Because they knew no one would believe them, they got the town mayor, and several village elders along with a few of the construction crew who witnessed the fire from heave to come to verify the story. The welder, Yohan, was one of them.

The crooked contractor took off and Yohan finished the building for FCOP. He became a Christain and built most of the FCOP Church buildings. Yohan introduced his future son-in-law to Jesus, and the rest, including FCOP sending Lina to medical school, is history.

In 2014, Dr. Lina went back to the site of his parent’s murder. He forgave the Khmer Rouge killers, and thanked God for his parents and for them giving him life. Lina was free and filled with joy, even though he still sheds a tear when remembering his mother. “She was like Jesus’, says Dr. Lina, “she gave her life for me.”



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