Earning Our Way

Rice farming

It is interesting to see the progress we have made in growing our own support. In fact, in our thirteen years we have never raised the cost of support for an orphan home.

All those raising children know how much more expensive virtually every item from food to medical care has become in the past thirteen years.

How have we kept sponsorship fees flat?  By helping our homes become partially self-sufficient!

If you look at the pie charts and cost breakdown pictured below, you’ll see in the pie charts that virtually half the cost of our support is raised or produced in Cambodia. In the other picture you’ll see that the current cost of raising a child in our homes.

Even with a lot of “home grown” produce, it still costs more than $60 per month, per child. Thirteen years ago, with little produced in Cambodia, locally raised support was less than half of what it is today.

In addition to this, somehow, we wound up with 3,300 churches and a half million followers of Christ, all as a spinoff benefit. Now, that’s dependency I’m very happy with! I’ll stick with Roosevelt’s assessment of the “cold and timid.” Don’t worry, if you’re getting this, you’re probably not one of them.


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