Easter Sunday at FCOP


We had Easter services in most of the churches, but because Easter fell on a weekend just over a week before the Cambodian New Year, and was during another major Asian holiday, we postponed the big event in Phnom Penh until our church members would have been arriving back from the combination of holidays. We had no idea how to handle the crowd. Most of our church members come in open-air vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, tuk-tuks (scooters with trailors) and open trucks. An hour before service time it started to pour rain and it didn’t stop until just before we started. I was upset, but it was good news. We had no more space, had to feed the people in three seatings, and ran out of food. “All’s well that ends well,” especially after Pastor Som Art prayed for a woman with a large goiter and it totally disappeared.


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