“We ain’t where we gonna be!” Easter should be the most joyous time of the year. We rose with Christ to new life! But, the price paid for our souls is painful to comprehend.  It is amazing that in a Christian church, Easter was considered a minor holiday, often not even mentioned. Cambodian Christians have always made a big deal out of Christmas, but chose to ignore Easter. For the survivors of the Khmer Rouge it is easy to understand why the celebration of a baby being born was preferred to the horror of crucifixion, but, they did not have clear understanding of the life and freedom Easter brought us. As Cambodian Christians learn the genuine joy of the “New Life”, every year more and more churches celebrate Easter. With new understanding comes a revelation of joy, that out of darkness comes great light, and we anticipate a time when all Cambodian Christians see Easter rival Christmas as a time of great rejoicing.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.