Family is Everything


Kheuon’s earliest memory is of his mom. She was always sick, and his dad faithfully cared for her. Then his mom died and, not long after, his dad died as well.

Kheuon remembers his grandparents looking for help, but their village and region were so impoverished that no one could take in three extra mouths to feed, including his grandparents. He and his two brothers were temporarily taken care of by their grandparents but the grandparents didn’t treat them well, stopping just short of kicking them out. Kheuon and his brothers were often sick. When they felt weak and hungry, they would try to escape the gnawing pain by sleeping.

One day, they learned about a church-based orphanage in a neighboring region. Kheuon longed to eat something, but he was also afraid of moving to another area.

When Kheuon and his brothers arrived at the orphanage, they found love and acceptance. They were truly entering a caring community where they would be treated as family. They are now so thankful for their new home.

They have three meals a day. Kheuon now has a bike, attends school, and enjoys taking care of the animals at the orphanage.

Kheuon shared that when he thinks back to how hard life was before the orphanage, he cries. But then he thinks about how blessed he is today and how he and his brothers are in a loving family. The pastor at the church has invited his grandparents to come and visit and be in the children’s lives but they have declined.


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