Through The Fire

On three. One... Two... Three!

On three. One… Two… Three!

“God, why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong?” How often have you said that? Personally, I refuse to answer, as I will definitely incriminate myself! But, here is the question we should ask, one that you never hear; “Everything is going as planned, and we are experiencing great fruitfulness! What are we doing wrong?” Wrong?!? Are you crazy? That’s what we long for!

You see, we all love seasons of blessing (it would be nice to have one right now!). When they come, we’re so busy singing praises in celebration we don’t realize that this is not what we should normally experience. We should expect fierce opposition. As Ol’e Bob Hollandsworth used to say, “We must be doing something right. All hell’s breaking lose!” (Jn 16:33) If trouble is the measure of success, February was a great month! Our Combine required an $8000 repair bill, vehicles broke down daily, property titles were in constant contention, government bureaucracy seemed to double, kids came down with serious illness, Sam Tolle broke his hand and Errol Faulkes, our newest staff member, suffered a stroke.


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