From Nothing to Everything


Most people call me Krew Savang. I received Jesus in the year 2000 through FCOP and I am blessed to serve as an FCOP pastor in Siem Reap Province. As our God is more powerful than any other god, I have seen many miracles and have many testimonies of God working in people’s lives. I have learned how to move in the power of the Holy Spirit to break up demonic strongholds.

Recently, I was able to meet and pray for a 61 year old woman named Cheoun who has 5 children, aged from 24 to 31 years old. She and her kids live in a poor village in Siem Reap Province. Her three oldest daughters Sokha, Sophear and Sokhear (the older of twins) we’re constantly being tormented by demon spirits. The village and surrounding houses labeled them as “crazy” and wouldn’t associate with them, as they would scream, slither like snakes, and act out violently with frothing and convulsions. This went on for 8 years. About a year ago the fourth daughter, the twin of the third daughter, also started to be tormented by demon spirits and started to act out in a crazy way but totally stopped speaking. Only the youngest child never had an issue with demonic oppression.

As Cheoun was widowed shortly after the youngest child was born, she had to continually struggle to provide for her children as she worked and raised them alone. She had sold everything she owned, even the land she lived on. As she made some money off the sale of the land, she tried to invest in paying spirit doctors to appease the spirits oppressing her daughter’s lives. None of this seemed to help. She sought out and contacted as many witch doctors as she could afford. She estimates it was about the 40th spirit-witch doctor she paid, who told her, “In order for her children to not be crazy she had to walk along the small dirt roads in and around her village to beg for money.” As she obeyed she saw no results in her children. She had nothing to live for, nothing in return for all of her efforts and was labeled by the village as a begger.

One day during this time, Krew Savang traveled to Cheoun’s village to tell the people about the good news of Jesus Christ. As Pastor Savang met Cheoun on the road and heard about the problems with her children, she was brought to meet them. Pastor Savang told the family about Jesus, that He is our Savior and has the power to heal all of her children. On this day, November 7, 2016, the family allowed her to pray for them and they all received Jesus. As she prayed for the Mom, Khun Cheoun, she felt this God, Jesus, had a different power than that of the spirit doctors she had gone to for help. Taken by the fact that it didn’t require her to perform rituals or pay any money, she wanted to know more about Jesus. Even though Pastor Savang’s church was quite a distance away, she began bringing her children to church every Sunday to be prayed for by Savang and the church members.

All the demons did not leave immediately. One girl would manifest demonic possession when she was prayed for by the hair on her head standing up. So, after they got prayed for Pastor Savang gave everyone a haircut. On January 1st, 2017, all four of her children that had struggled under demonic oppression we’re set free and healed completely. They have been completely normal since that time.

That same Sunday, as Cheoun and her kids traveled back to the village, people noticed her children weren’t acting out like they normally did. She immediately began to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Over the last two months, January and February of 2017, dozens of people from Cheoun’s village have come to meet her to inquire and ask how to know this God names Jesus and live with His power. A church has been started in the village with services being held multiple days of the week. As Cheoun’s situation continues to improve, she has moved to a few different places and has started a church at each of the places she has moved.


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