Glenn’s Healing



Dr. Glenn Burris prays for Asian Leaders

It’s not, “good news”, but fear can be very empowering. The good part about realizing this is that we have a great incentive to operate by God’s  invective against fear; “Fear not”!  I am nearly convinced that fear is as empowering to the devil to wreak havoc in our lives as faith is to releasing God’s grace. The only reason we don’t get ‘Steam rolled’ is that God is greater than our fears. On the last day of the ECFC Conference our International President, Dr. Glenn Burris, fell ill. I asked our staff physician, Dr. Lina, to spend the night with him. At 1:30AM Dr. Lina called me, “Pa, Dr. Burris is throwing up blood, I’ve started an I.V. drip, but we need to get him to a hospital!”

By 2:00am he was checked in to the best hospital we had in Siem Reap, but it was clear that they really were not equipped to deal with this problem. So, it was arranged for an airplane to medi-vac Dr Burris to Bangkok where there was a world-class hospital that afternoon. At 6:00am, I called our Cambodian Church General Supervisor, Som Art, to bring down two of our best prayer warriors to pray over Glenn. They prayed in Cambodian for a short time, when El Sim, the little four foot-six inch apostle, turned to me and said, “He’ll be fine!” I told Glenn that though he didn’t know this woman, he should be greatly encouraged. Sure enough, when he arrived in Bangkok and the doctors inserted the scope, they said, “You had a bleeding ulcer but it is healed over, we’ll keep you a few days for observation.” He went home and was back at work the next week.


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