God Keeps Moving


These kids are the future of Cambodia

I’ve got orphans living on nutrition rice and gourds supplemented by what they can raise in their gardens and catch in their ponds. The government and UNICEF are inspecting our homes looking for problems. At the same time, we have opened more churches and seen more people come to Christ in this past month than about any time in our history. I believe we are in a spiritual battle for our lives. It would be unthinkable to lose Cambodia after coming this far. So, how come orphans who have prayed people back from the dead can’t get a rain on their rice? Believe me I’ve wrestled with that, but look at the Bible. Every great victory came from the jaws of defeat. For three days, even the victorious cross Jesus died on appeared as though the devil had won.

Something I’ve learned about leadership is a concept I’ve never seen articulated. I believe it’s like this: Leaders have to project their faith into the perceived direction of their calling, often without a clear telegraphing of instructions from God, and act on that overriding faith in the certainty of the call, pulling from their training and experience which Providence has provided, to pursue this “call”; with the concept of failure not even a remote option (It’s a bit like acting, only the script is real life). If you are involved in building the Kingdom of God, you will face fierce opposition. If not, your work is not significant. The key role of the leader is to find ways to overcome the obstacles, not to make excuses for being overwhelmed by them. The vital component for victory is to keep moving forward, toward the “call”, even when you suffer setbacks, and are unsuccessful. Leaders may change tactics, and even adjust strategy, but they never abandon the “call”, and they never give in to complaining and self-pity.


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