God’s Provision


FCOP kids are happy to receive rice packs during this season of drought.

I’d just call it common sense, but in retrospect, I believe it was God that I heard months before this years drought, saying, “Store up food for a drought.” Through our partners at Reach Now International, Children’s Hunger Fund, Feed My Starving Children, Glad Tidings Church, Butte County Rice Growers, Dave Wilkinson, and others we have been stockpiling rice meals all year. Even if we harvest a good crop of rice many farmers are finished. They simply have run out of money and time to replant. We now have the ability to withstand this drought, and help some of the hungry. The kids love the products we received, especially after adding a few local touches to the flavor, and they are nutritionally fortified. Their health has improved markedly with these meals.


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