The Good and The Bad !

Our rice farm development is not just something I want to see happen. I’m already there! I’ve built the dikes and reservouirs, balanced the fertility, raised three, 7 ton per hectare, rice crops per year, solved the drying, storage and marketing problems, developed the equipment to make it happen at least 1000 times in my head. But, most importantly, I see the orphaned and separated children cared for being projected into an long lasting future, I see the church being able to expand, train pastors and staff, and reach this nation for Christ. I see thousands of subsistence farmers on the brink of bankruptcy, prospering by working together. I see thousands of young people trained in modern agriculture. I see hundreds of diplaced farmers, finding a new future raising fish, mushrooms, fresh fruit and livestock on their small village land holdings. All this and more, I see developed under God’s direction through a Cambodian church that has crawled from total dependency, greed and selfishness to a place of, not only sustainability, but generosity and compassion. That’s what I wake up to every morning, despite the fact that grant requests get turned down, and often promised help evaporates like dew, once in a while, the miracle happens that validates all the missed attempts. We catch a star.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.