Grace is a whole lot more work than law. It’s pretty easy to throw someone under the bus because they don’t meet your standards. We have become known as “easy” on sin. Well, the truth is that we are easy on sinners. I’ll never forget our FCOPI board member, Bethy Barone, stepping off the speaker’ s platform, the first time I met her at a meeting in Bangkok about eight years ago. She looked me in the eye and in front of a 100 or so pastors asked me, “Would you baptize a homosexual?” I didn’t know what to say. She could see I was having trouble composing an answer, so she simply added, “How do you expect them to walk out of the muddy water into the clean, if you won’t let Jesus inside?”

We get that now and I have never been so proud of a staff member as I was with Pow Naret when he posted a spontaneous Facebook message. You see, he lived it out, we worked with him for years! (see the sidebar story) These are his words:

“Why does Cambodia Foursquare Church keep growing and the church is always full? Here is a few reasons I could find.

A/ They are led by the Holy Spirit
B/ They keep reaching out
C/ Unity, love, help and forgive each other
D/ FCOP churches alway welcome the bad ( drunk person, smoker, prostitute, corrupted official…..) and good people in their church because they believe that God will work in their heart and one day they will repent to become better person or even His disciples.”


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.