Great Harvest of Churches

Mak Sou praying for healing of the sick

Mak Sou just came back in from Khampong Thom province and visited a Divisional Superintendent (church leader) whom we had been reporting was watching over 32 home churches. Actually, he has 153 churches. Now, that’s a good crop!

I have felt like we are fighting a chronic disease and that our yield would be down this year. A group of missionaries from Korea are buying pastors all over Cambodia. We don’t pay the home church pastors, and these missionaries will try to pick off the most fruitful by offering them salaries of up to $150 per month. We loose some pastors, and that hurts. But, the new crop keeps coming in, and what’s more, a big percentage of those that leave come back, because that church group doesn’t walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The straying pastors figure out that the power of God is worth more than money. And for those who never return? “None the less, the Gospel is preached,” and my hope is that our former pastors infect them with a good dose of the Holy Spirit.


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