Hands and Feet


FCOP care for the homeless, the orphan, the widow and the poor…and that will never stop.

FCOP has never been an “Orphan Care Institution”. FCOP has always been, ‘the hands and feet’ of the church. We do what all churches are ordered to do; FCOP cares for the homeless, the orphan, the widow and the poor, and that will never stop. On December 14th the Department of Social Affairs announced, in a huge meeting, of all child care organizations in Cambodia, the requirements for residential care in the “New Standards”.

FCOP could really help the Ministry of Social Affairs initiate the “New Standards”. “Both the Ministry of Social Affairs, and FCOP really want the same thing”, says, Pow Naret, FCOP Administrator,  “We receive the orphaned, separated, and abused children in Cambodia; usually referred to FCOP by government agencies, to be kept safe, loved, and well cared for, until they can be placed in families”, states Naret. Since 1999 FCOP has served the poor of Cambodia, and supported the government in an attempt to rebuild the nation. FCOP has always sought family reunification and has sent far more children back to families than have been kept in long-term care.

FCOP comes the closest to being community based, family oriented, non-institutional, safe, healthy, well organized, with a truly dedicated staff, to meet the child’s best interests. FCOP has a “Zero tolerance of abuse policy”. FCOP pledges to do the best it possibly can to serve the government and meet these, “New Standards”. No other organization provides the excellent dental and medical care given by FCOP to the children, or the abundance of nutritious food. FCOP doesn’t bring the children in to proselytize them; FCOP brings them in because FCOP loves them.


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.