Hang in their Dooley, the cavalry is on the way!

For the first three days of August, Sou and I had 37&1/2 cents. I don’t say that to elicit sympathy, because it was totally voluntary. We’d gone into August still owing 1/2 of our July home support and staff salaries. The loss of one-half of our rice crop was devastating to us; a $250,000.00 kick in the rear end we didn’t need. We had to replant, because that would ensure failure. I appealed to a few friends and some people who I had not spoken with in many years came through in a big way. One of them wrote back, “Hang in their Dooley, the cavalry is on the way!” The last time I heard that expression was from an Air America pilot who was coming to evacuate my friend and I from the Bolivians Plateau in Southern Laos on New Years morning 1970, as the place was being overrun by “unfriendly’s”. I honestly don’t know which time I was happier to hear that expression of soon coming rescue, then or now? They both filled me with hope. It looks like we finished August with all our homes supported and up to date. Now, here comes September? (Back to newsletters)


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