Havest Time


Great rice, lousy price. I believe we have some of the best rice in Cambodia, but we were hurt by lack of water control during a critical growth stage. Still we have a much better crop than I have seen elsewhere. But, it does show that the rice farm development program is crucial to our long-term sustainability. The strange thing is that with a generally poor crop in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, the price is 1/3 less than it was a year ago. Many farmers are protesting, by blocking roads with their equipment, and in danger of losing their farms because they cannot repay the debt. There is something very strange going on. There seems to be a “Rice Cartel” in Cambodia. The price at urban markets is near $600.00 per ton for jasmine rice, yet farmers can only get about $150 per ton from the buyers. Granted that this is wet, unmilled paddy rice, but even with a 15% moisture shrink, 65% milling return, and another 15% rice bran. The farm price should be twice what it is.


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