Heaven is Better

We'll meet again in Heaven.

We’ll meet again in Heaven.

“What if you pray for someone and they die?” Hey! They do! As my favorite prophet, John Wayne, says, “Everybody gets dead someday!” In fact, if I should, “get dead” don’t you dare pray for me! Last month when I thought I was finally going to heaven by drowning in a water buffalo wallow; my initial shock and attempted escape had failed to produce deliverance. I found that I was looking forward to it, and actually a bit upset, when this farmer opened the door and I came rolling out.

There are a lot worse things than being dead. I’ve heard people say, “Every day above ground is a good one.” Well, I beg to differ with you! I prefer heaven to a lot of the junk in this world. We had a district supervisor’s wife that had TB of the spine, she suffered greatly and we prayed for years. She was not healed. Finally we just prayed, “God, this is enough, she either needs to be healed or take her to heaven”. Two days later she died.  That is the greatest healing of all! Death is so clean and commercial in the USA. Not so here.


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