It’s about Time!


“It’s about time”! On how many occasions have you heard this bit of encouragement after accomplishing something worthwhile? The problem is that anything worthwhile that you do in life is going to involve struggle. If your goals come easily they are probably not worth much. FCOP pastors and staff have been teaching at our 106 church/home locations for up to 18 years, along with overseeing thousands of other churches and home groups. Every day the pastors and staff have been teaching some of the 18,000 kids that have gone through our system; they have devotions, they participate in all the functions of church life and now, many of our former kids, have church groups all over Cambodia. Not all of our pastors have had the benefit of an education, some never learned to read nor write, but they have a “call” and God’s anointing. Audible learning is a major part of our teaching. The 6000 “Proclaimers” (audible, dramatized, Bibles) distributed by FCOP and donated by Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) has filled that void. I spent the first two weekends of November, first in Singapore, and then in Hong Kong, helping FCBH, and then scrambled to help our FCOP team get the revised “Basic Beliefs” catechism printed so we can teach leaders with the written word as well as the audible. This 166 page text, with another 132 page workbook, have become the first time we’ve ever had all these teachings written in one volume. Eighteen years to get your first book? I know! It took too long! Everybody! All together now, “It’s about time!”


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