Keep Trying!


Many of our trials in life are not this dramatic, but in a sense, a lot more important than a ball game! Though they will never make the news, lives and souls depend upon the choices we make. Our rice crop is not in the bin yet. Throughout Cambodia the crop is generally poor, but ours is the best crop we’ve ever raised, possibly the best in Cambodia. Following two years of drought, with empty rivers and reservoirs, all the experts were advising not to plant until July. A group of traveling prophets told me, “The drought is broken!” in February, so we went ahead and planted in May.

The rains were perfect, the crop was never thirsty, and the ground became too muddy for others to plant. Then, in July it quit raining. Others planted but the ground dried up, as did their crop. We had accumulated enough water from heavy early rains that flowed in from Thailand that our reservoir was full. In August, we pumped with three large pumps for three weeks, 24 hours per day. It is good that diesel was cheap and that we had the big pumps. Now, we have a good 20 cm of flood cover and we can coast into harvest. Please pray for a good harvest season for us. We have been very blessed this year! Some skeptics say we’re just lucky. We’ll know by next month. We need this harvest and the devil knows it.


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