Life Savers

Rice is a big part of every meal in Cambodia

We were out of rice in July. “You guys will all starve!” gloated the enemies of FCOP. It didn’t happen because you came through! We now have enough rice to get us to harvest.

The critics accused us of selling rice from our mill. Well, they should know!  Because the corrupt former manager allowed about 25 tons of stored rice to mold because he was too lazy to level and aerate it. Yes, we sold it to a distiller in July, and bought back good rice. We never kept that a secret, but the truth is that without the benevolence of our supporters, we’d be starving.

We’ve never missed a meal and, what’s more, all the dire projections of our financial demise have been proven wrong as well. Giving is up, and so are the numbers of children under our care. We’ve added 218 orphaned and abandoned kids since July, almost all referred to us by the government.

FCOP received the highest rating of excellence the Ministry of Social Concerns ever awarded us. We are held up as examples over much more lavishly funded institutions. Thank you to all who helped us feed these kids!


 Help us change a nation one life at a time.