Lions Attack


Young Lions baptize new believers on Tumnup Island.

Nineteen Young Lions returned to Tumnup Island for more ministry. Despite the fact that most of the people have received Christ through EL Sim’s ministry, there were pockets of demonic oppression, and some groups that had resisted the gospel. The Lions determined to take on the problem. There was a special commissioning service at our main Training Center and many of them received specific visions and instructions. The results validated their spiritual astuteness. They discovered that there was a wide diversity in the ages of those who needed Christ, so they broke into three teams; one for adults, one for youth, and the other for children. In one day more than 200 gave their hearts to Christ, 68 were baptized in the Holy Spirit, 17 people were delivered of evil spirits, and another dozen physically healed. At the end of the day they opened a tank and lost track of all those who were water baptized. It was a good day in Cambodia!


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