Lions Roar at Bakou

Bakou Church Orphan Home

The church home at Bakou has been a solid church, and a well managed orphan home, but it has never been known as a spiritual powerhouse. Assistant Pastor Phirom brought his English class into Phnom Penh for the evening Easter Service. Many of the students did not know Christ. By the end of the evening they’d all met Him, and most were filled with His Spirit.

Since then they have formed a chapter of the “Young Lions”, a group Spirt filled orphan youth that are really tearing it up! They  spend most of their class time together studying the Bible and praying.

Just down the road was a family that had never attended the church, in fact they openly opposed it. The Mom was nearly full term in pregnancy, and she suddenly went totally nuts. She tried to kill her neighbors, tried to kill her family, and even tried to kill herself. The family tied her up and called a doctor. He’d worked with her for several days with various treatments and sedatives.  Nothing was working. Not knowing what to do, he’d heard of the deliverance of a demonized boy bound in chains by the Chom Chao Church.

He knew that the Bakou Church was in the same organization of churches, so he suggested the family ask the church to help. As only God could set it up, the distraught husband showed up as the evening class of Lions was meeting. The entire class responded. They marched down the road and took unvarnished control over that devil and cast it out of the woman. She was instantly set free, the entire family came to Christ, and the next day a healthy baby boy was born.


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