The Longest Trip


Ted Olbrich (Pa Thom) speaking at the Next Conference

This month started as a marathon for me. The longest continuous air-trip I ever took was from Oslo, Norway to Phnom Penh, Cambodia via Los Angeles. It was just over 63 hours that I spent in a plane, or waiting for one. Why would anyone do that? Well, write it off to stupidity on my part. I double booked myself. I found that I was to speak at the “Next Conference” in Anaheim, CA, USA, and with “AsiaLink Norway”, both at the end of March and beginning of April.

I had to beg Erik Jensen, of Asia Link, Norway, to cut three days from my itinerary. I flew to Los Angeles to do the “Next Conference”, and then went straight from Cornerstone Church where I spoke on Sunday, March 30th, to Oslo Norway, where I hit the ground running! Erik crammed 15 meetings in 14 days, and none of them were in close proximity. We did a lot of windshield time. I like to stay busy, and Erik took me for my word. It was good all the way around!


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