Mak Sou attacked


Mak Sou is healed

Mak Sou has been under severe attack while I was in the US for ten days speaking at a District Convention and a couple of churches. Had I known how serious this was, I’d have come home, but faithful crew and a loving wife conspired to let me think, like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 4:26, “It is well”. She almost died, but now, all is truly well! God sent us two servants to help out through the next two months, Hannah and Katie. Both of the have traveled internationally, and Hannah has studied under Randy Clark’s School of Supernatural Ministry. Here is Hannah Lee’s observation:

“I realized the quality of a leader is often confirmed by his/her subordinates when trials occur. Recently, Ted has been on a trip to the states and Sou, his wife and co-leader, has been in charge of all the affairs here. A few days ago, Sou got sick and I realized just what kind of woman she is. I remember the days of being under a bad leader. A sick leader meant freedom and breathing room. Here, everyone congregated to their leader in a time of her trial. While on her sickbed unable to decipher what’s before her nose, I saw the boys who grew up in her homes standing watch on the porch in concern and intercession for Sou. People have prayed and visited. Two of her kids from the homes (who are now married and have 3 children, pictured above) even visited her on this holiday that celebrates families with gifts appropriate for a mother. This is all in a span of 24 hours or so… and I could tell you even more stories. The level of concern and care is truly family. It’s inspiring and gives you a new sense and value of family.”

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