Mak Sou Cleans House


Missionary Sou Olbrich leads opposing sides into unity

“I hate you and you hate me!”, seemed to be the theme of two groups of our own churches in Pursat Province. Leaders from hundreds of churches were not speaking to one another. It all started over a “Funeral Fund” that went awry.

Mak Sou fasted and prayed for God’s intervention; called in all the key leaders and took on the giants of Envy, Jealousy and Resentment. She started by having the pastors pray in the Spirit for one hour, and listen to God. It took all afternoon but men who had not spoken a civil word to one another for more than a year were crying and hugging each other in embraces of repentance and forgiveness. They ended the meeting with communion. Needless to say there is a new burst of the light of God in that province. Christmas has arrived.


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