Medical Team to the Rescue

Dr. Mike fills another tooth

We bring in so many containers, of everything from food to tractors, that the ‘Council of Development for Cambodia’ (CDC) suspected that we must be a scam business, which uses the N.G. O. (Non Government Organization) as a tax dodge. They decided to investigate.

The officials told Naret, our Chief of Staff, that they would go through our list of 106 active church homes and randomly pick one to investigate. If the CDC found we were not doing as we claimed, they would shut us down. Only God could have pulled this off!

They picked the Chamka Jake Church Home in Pursat. It just so happened that a team from one our medical partners, Medical Teams International, was there doing dental work for eleven surrounding church homes and members of the community. Five shinny black Lexus SUV’s pulled up unannounced. As they walked through the door of the church home their mouths literally dropped open.

The Director of the CDC came to Naret and told him, “You can have what you want. Even the King of Cambodia cannot get a foreign dentist to come clean his teeth, and you are doing it for orphans!”


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