Meeting in Pursat


Getting bogged down with a maintenance mentality is a terrible jam-up for God’s people. Often times, if just the key component can be dealt with, the entire mass starts moving again.  Mak Sou headed up to Pursat Province praying in the Spirit for the gift of ‘discerning of spirits’, to clear the logjam plugging a vibrant movement of God and get it flowing again. God showed her the offending log. There was such a snarled, intertwined mess of bruised egos and wounded spirits, it initially looked like the only answer was to blow the whole thing up. Sou started to use her spiritual “peavey” and as people began talking and revealing their true feelings, the focus went back to one incident of a leader misusing funds that led a ‘log’ of mistrust to jam up the works for almost two years. When that key obstacle was taken away, and blown up, with confession and repentance, there was a breakthrough for the entire region. We have a big celebration scheduled this month.


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